Parsec Resources

Want to learn more? We've got you covered. This page has the guides, videos, and info you need to become an expert on remote work and Parsec.


  • Guest Access

    Grant individuals temporary access to your team for testing, events, and more.

  • Build your perfect Parsec

    Leverage our Teams API to use Parsec at scale.

  • Parsec for Teams Datasheet

    Key features and info about our product built for remote teams.

Use Cases

  • Settings for Artists & Animators

    How to use Parsec for Autodesk Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, or Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Settings for Video Editing

    Here we go over every setting you need to know if you're looking to edit remotely.

  • Settings for Playtesting & QA

    Learn ideal setup for three use cases: testing, QA, and running events.

Case Studies

  • Remote collaboration made simple for 72 Films

    Post-production goes remote for 72 Films, delivering work on time and on budget with the best talent. Powered by Parsec.

  • Xbox Research jumpstarts and expands virtual playtesting

    How Xbox Research leveraged Parsec to scale virtual playtesting to people across the world.

  • Creative Assembly solves remote game testing challenges

    Parsec brings developers, QA teams, and external testers together flawlessly, no matter the distance.

  • Warm & Fuzzy creates near real-time Coachella recap video

    Learn how Parsec enabled Warm & Fuzzy to weave extensive VFX and CG work with real-time footage of festival attendees.

  • MTI Film helps creative editors make Hollywood magic

    How MTI Film transformed post-production editing workflows from their state-of-the-art Remote Data Center.

  • Storm future-proofs remote post production with Parsec

    Storm Post Production invented Parsec-based workflows to build remote teams around the globe.

  • Ubisoft brings press demos forward

    Learn how Ubisoft pulled off remote hands-on sessions all over the world.

  • Paradox Interactive's Grand Remote LAN

    Learn how they transformed broadcast operations and connectivity to turn their marquee event fully remote.

  • MEGAMIGS takes conferences online

    Montreal's biggest games conference used Parsec to provide remote demonstrations of games.

  • Evergreen Engineering goes remote

    Learn how a leading engineering & construction firm took their team remote across multiple offices.

White Papers

  • The World Working From Anywhere

    Hybrid work is just getting started. Learn about the opportunities ahead for teams transitioning.

  • Remote Work, Here to Stay

    We surveyed remote work teams around the world – learn how employee preference is driving trends.

Recent Events

  • Hybrid Work is Here

    Our recent webinar covers the challenges and opportunities in a remote work transition.

  • Take a tour: Parsec for Teams

    See a demo of all the premium features and administration tools in Parsec for Teams.

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