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This changelog is the comprehensive history of Parsec's product changes. Some of the features listed have been deprecated or were changed in later updates. We thought, rather than changing old posts, it would be fun for everyone to see the whole history of the product's development. For a perspective on Parsec's product and our product philosophy, we wrote a blog post in December 2017 about the early history of the Parsec Game Streaming software.

September 14, 2022150-85e


  • [macOS] Fix for certain avatar images causing a crash
  • [macOS] Prepare for Apple Native binaries

September 6, 2022150-85c


  • [Windows/macOS] Fix for avatar image retrieval loop

August 31, 2022150-85b


  • [Windows host] Fallback to a virtual display – a new feature that allows Parsec to fallback to a virtual display if you don’t have a physical display plugged in (or it’s turned off), when the Parsec virtual display adapter is installed.
  • Warp (paid) features now visible in app with a link to a free trial when using a free account.
  • [Windows/Linux/Android client] Experimental Vulkan renderer option.


  • [Windows/macOS host] Up to 30 audio devices are now visible in the host audio selection menu.
  • A new notification on the client overlay will now alert you when Privacy Mode is enabled, but not working (and your screen is visible).


  • [macOS host] An issue causing a limitation where only a single macOS user was permitted to login to a macOS host has been fixed. Permissions are now set properly to allow the use of multiple macOS user accounts.
  • [macOS host] The app will now log out the previous Mac user account instead of switching when fast user switching is enabled.
  • [macOS host] Fixed issue where the app ignored configured bandwidth limits in most cases.
  • [macOS host] An issue causing screen switching when plugging in or unplugging a physical display has been fixed.
  • [Windows host] The host display will now wake up when a guest with “anytime permission” connects.
  • [Windows host] An issue causing bitrate spikes on AMD encoders has been fixed.
  • [Windows client] App UI will now recover when the system GPU crashes or is unplugged.
  • [macOS host] Pen tablet input now applies to multiple screens.
  • [macOS host] Fixed inverted pen tilt on macOS clients and hosts.
  • [Windows client] The barrel buttons of the pen now work with previously broken combinations involving double click, right click and middle click.
  • [Windows client] The barrel button's double click will now work correctly when Enhanced pen is OFF.
  • [Windows] Fix for app not correctly starting at system boot when Windows Fast Startup is enabled.
  • [Android] Keyboard can now be reopened if you close the keyboard on a text field.