Case Study

Evergreen Engineering goes fully remote

We will continue supporting remote work in the post-pandemic future. The remote working solution has proven successful, opening up more opportunities and widening the talent pool.

-Albert Nawrocki, Information Technology Manager

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Leading engineering firm Evergreen Engineering, Inc. transformed their workflows, moving to a fully remote work environment. Evergreen’s specialized drafting, design, and engineering teams adapted to work from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

With headquarters in Eugene and teams spread across the state of Oregon, as well as across Washington and Georgia, Evergreen had to quickly evaluate potential remote work solutions to guarantee their teams would be able to stay productive and healthy at home.

After some internet sleuthing (and a bit of help from Linus Tech Tips), they discovered Parsec for Teams as a viable platform for remote creative work.

The Solution

As their team adjusted to being distributed, Parsec for Teams solved some of Evergreen’s most salient challenges. For engineering and construction, Parsec wins on:

With some simple network adjustments, latency became negligible, even with designers logging into workstations from halfway across the country. 

Graphic Quality
By utilizing a few key settings, Evergreen was able to fully recreate the experience of sitting in front of a shared workstation.

Data Security
Other high performance remote access programs forced data into the cloud without an easy way to download and backup data physically. Parsec’s peer-to-peer connections remove this complication entirely.

Ease of Use
Working remotely was a new experience for many of Evergreen’s team members. Using Parsec took away complications and hesitancies, putting control and optimizations at the individual’s fingertips.

Evergreen's Parsec Presets

For Evergreen’s teams, there were a few key Parsec settings that kept the team productive and let them feel like they were sitting in front of their workstations — all while working from home.

  • Constant FPS mode: This mode keeps a Parsec stream at a steady frame rate, even when material isn’t in motion. It ensures text and still images stayed crisp and readable, especially important for Evergreen’s detail driven work.

  • 4:4:4 color mode: Color accuracy was of the utmost importance for Evergreen’s designs. Switching on 4:4:4 color mode removes color subsampling from a Parsec stream, ensuring color representation is true.

  • VSYNC enabled: Long used for gaming, VSYNC allows Evergreen to avoid screen tearing and ensures a smooth, stable stream of their host workstations.

  • H.265 enabled: Parsec’s high efficiency video encoding gives you an Ultra HD stream with very little compression. Enabling H.265 allowed for the most accurate representation Evergreen's workstations.

  • Software decoding: Evergreen found that software decoding created much better responsiveness in their software, making
    the difference between remote and in-person use negligible.

  • Disabled sleep mode: By disabling sleep mode on the host, Evergreen was able to make workstations available on-demand. Whenever a member of the firm needed a workstation, it was available with a single click.

Remote Work, Now and Beyond

Evergreen doesn’t have plans to return to business as usual: greater flexibility and a diverse talent pool are two of the benefits in supporting flexible work. Parsec for Teams is helping hundreds of companies like Evergreen create amazing experiences for employees. If you want to explore how Parsec can be a part of your remote future, get in touch.

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