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Parsec enables feedback from anywhere with virtual playtesting

At Parsec, gaming is in our DNA. We were built to capture that feeling of sitting on the couch side by side – Ryu vs Ken. This meant low latency was a must, flawless controller support a given, and gorgeous visuals were to be expected. Challenge accepted.

It wasn’t long before devs noticed that the same features that make Parsec perfect for gaming make it ideal for game development. As studios embrace distributed work and cloud game development, Parsec has become an integral part of the entire process, from ideation to release.

Playtesting is particularly critical when creating fun, immersive, and challenging video games. Parsec ensures that testers experience your game, not the tool being used to showcase it. Testers are given a high-performance, high-fidelity experience as if they were on location. And, in turn, studios receive the high-quality feedback they need to iterate and improve.

Jumpstarting virtual playtesting during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Xbox Research needed a way to continue delivering their games to testers without physically bringing them into the playtest and usability labs in Redmond, WA. Without high performance, precision, and a consistent environment, remote gameplay wouldn’t provide the feedback needed to produce substantial research.

As Xbox Research began evaluating solutions to transition from local playtesting to a scaled, virtual, worldwide solution, they found that Parsec provided gameplay that felt the most similar to an in-person experience. Its high-quality visuals and support for accurate, low-latency gamepad control ensured that all gamers had consistent experiences. Xbox Research saw the value Parsec provided during Halo Infinite remote playtests and decided to implement Parsec for testing of the next Age of Empires release.

They've since scaled their virtual playtesting to over 20 playtests of different games across 120 workstations running Parsec concurrently to meet studio demands.

Changing event experiences with remote press demos

Similarly, Ubisoft faced problems sharing their games with the press during the peak of work from home. Their team developed the idea to hold their own virtual conference, Ubisoft Forward, but they needed technology that could accurately showcase their cross-platform releases, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

Thanks to Parsec, Ubisoft Forward was able to deliver of their highly anticipated releases 1500+ virtual demos to media professionals in 30 countries – an increase of more than double what they’d previously achieved at major in-person conferences. Parsec’s ease of use, responsiveness, and high security met the criteria Ubisoft had set for the event, and it will continue to change the way they share experiences at events moving forward.

Embracing distributed work for innovative game development

Many game studios have opted to maintain hybrid work models for their distributed teams as they return to office. SEGA’s Creative Assembly needed a secure solution to support their internal game testing and playthrough processes.

Creative Assembly chose Parsec for Teams Enterprise for its high-fidelity streaming and built-in security features. Encrypted peer-to-peer connections, enforced SSO, and watermarked game streams ensured the Creative Assembly team can remotely coordinate sessions involving developers, QA teams, and external testers while IP remains safe in the office.

The future of virtual playtesting

As Parsec continues to power playtesting and research for distributed game studios, our team is working hard to make sure you have support for the processes and peripherals you’re using. 

We’re excited to announce that Parsec now has full DualSense PS5 controller support, enabling immersive remote gameplay that feels like you’re sitting directly at your PlayStation®5. This release enables PS5 game developers to accurately test their games virtually, thanks to support for:

  • Adaptive triggers for force and tension interactions

  • Haptic feedback to simulate rumble and vibrations

  • Gyroscope for motion sensor control

  • Touchpad support

  • All standard buttons and analog sticks

This release goes beyond DualSense controllers. The foundations set here enable Parsec to more readily support advanced peripherals in the future. With Parsec for Teams, you remain ready to test at scale and get feedback from a more diverse audience.

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