Boldly go beyond the office with Parsec for Teams Enterprise

Finding the remote access application that works for your whole crew can be a challenge. Well, challenge accepted. Parsec remote desktop is tailor-made for your team – whether you’re flying solo or you’re the captain of a whole fleet of creatives.

Parsec for Teams Enterprise gives large organizations the added scale and controls they need to empower their creative workforces. And now it’s better than ever.

“Creative teams at large organizations today need access to their high-performance workstations and tools to get work done, but delivering that level of accessibility from an IT perspective requires robust scalability and security. Parsec’s new expansion delivers that and more. With a host of new features from increased reliability, security and open API access, any enterprise organization can keep their creatives working on projects without a hitch.”

Benjy Boxer, Co-Founder, Parsec

With Parsec’s new expansion, enterprises can:

  • • Give creative teams seamless high performance, secure remote access to their GPU-intensive tools, so they can work uninterrupted. Minimal latency, enterprise-grade controls, and 100% connection success rates cut down on IT support hours.

  • • Secure your intellectual property on location, in the office—like games, films, and personal customer data—while allowing access to your org’s workstations from anywhere with near-zero latency.

  • • Empower creative teams with remote access and collaboration at scale without losing oversight and control. With Parsec, organizations can simplify IT administration, automate core workflows, and consistently apply security policies.

  • • Accelerate time to value with Parsec’s quick implementation and easy deployment. With the Parsec team’s help, getting your team up and running in less than a day—giving your team an immediate return on the investment.

Let’s talk tech. Features of Parsec for Teams Enterprise include:

  • High Performance Relay Server: provides network admins ultimate control of their Parsec connectivity, ensuring creative teams have reliable access to the highest performance possible.

  • Expanded API access: quickly and effectively automates deployment of Parsec. Automates core functions such as inviting, organizing, assigning and permissioning employees to computers and groups. Securely builds automated systems and scaled workflows tailored to an organizations’ unique needs.

  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM): automate user and group provisioning and deprovisioning through an Identity Provider (IdP) using SCIM provisioning.

  • Effortless group management tools: features including Multi Group Membership and Role Based Access Control enable admins to easily manage team members and workstations across their organization. App Rules gives admins flexibility and control over setting deployment.

  • Advanced audit logging capabilities: Pulls log data directly into your log aggregator or SIEM system to inspect usage and compliance, monitor audit trails for risks, and pass information directly to your security teams.

Set your team’s productivity to warp speed with Parsec for Teams Enterprise, the remote desktop solution that enables you to create from anywhere. Try Parsec for Teams risk-free with our 14-day trial, and boldly go beyond the office. Ready to make the jump directly to Enterprise? Contact our sales team now.

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