As 2022 comes to a close, we’re feeling reflective. And more than a little grateful—thank you for spending another year with Parsec. We’re glad to be a part of your new normal. It’s been a big year. We’ve grown a lot—just check our changelog, it’ll show how much taller we are now. Here are the highlights.

Remote work is here to stay

About that new normal—it’s safe to say that work as we know it will never return to its pre-pandemic ways. From plastic shielding cashiers in stores to physical offices shuttering worldwide, every industry has seen some kind of permanent shift.

We surveyed Parsec for Teams customers around the world and learned that Parsec saves people more than an hour a day. Businesses better take note—employee preferences are such a strong deciding factor that remote work isn’t going anywhere. Want to hear more? Check out our findings in this fascinating whitepaper, “Remote Work, Here to Stay.”

If you prefer a little informality, you can also read the whitepaper as a fun, engaging blog post. Same insightful info—20% more jokes.

macOS joins the party

After teasing this release in 2021, macOS hosting officially shipped in 2022. macOS is synonymous with digital creativity, so this is a milestone we were very eager to reach. Millions of video producers, musicians, animators, artists, architects, and engineers call Mac their platform of choice—and Parsec is all about connecting creatives to their workstations from anywhere.

Using Parsec on Mac hosts expands accessibility to apps and experiences only available on Mac devices–such as fan favorites Final Cut Pro and iMovie–with near-zero latency. These apps require flawless playback, precise input, and accurate-as-heck images.

With Parsec for macOS, you can:

– Use your favorite hardware and application on macOS

– Maintain consistent workflows in a hybrid environment

– Collaborate with the freedom to work on your own terms—from anywhere

We like them apples. We like them a lot.

Oh, Canada–it’s SIGGRAPH 2022

Last year, we were acquired by Unity. Our partnership catapulted us to new heights, affording us some really amazing opportunities. One was to join Unity at SIGGRAPH, the world’s foremost conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

We held a couple of really great talks, which so happened to be immortalized on our YouTube channel. Led by Vince Auletta, Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering and all around awesome human, these sessions allowed us to introduce Parsec to an all-new crowd.

Try it before you buy it

We love Parsec—that goes without saying. But we understand that diving into a paid service as integral to your workflow as Parsec can be really daunting. That’s why we launched two week free trials for Parsec Warp and Parsec for Teams. Paired with our easy guide to personalizing your Parsec experience, we’re confident our new trial is the perfect on-ramp to experiencing (almost) all that Parsec has to offer.

Webinar: The Gathering

2022 also saw the launch of Parsec webinars. As a product built on collaboration and community, web-based lectures are just a no brainer. Led by some of the shining stars of Parsec, our webinars show you that “work from anywhere” doesn’t mean “work alone”.

But wait, there’s more!

One blog post is hardly large enough to sum up a whole year’s achievements, but we don’t want to keep you here all day. Games to play, work to be done, etc. Here are a smattering of improvements and features we shipped in 2022:

– Privacy mode improvements: various bugs and false positives fixed in Privacy mode, including a new notification on the client overlay that will now alert you when Privacy Mode is enabled but not working.

– Multiple group membership: enables admins to assign team members and machines to multiple groups

– Underrated quality of life improvement of the year: the Parsec window will now automatically open in the same position it was last closed in

– Fallback to a virtual display: activated if you don’t have a physical display plugged in (or it’s turned off)

– Teams: added a new Teams API method for adding members to groups

– Wacom tablet compatibility: get your doodle on with a virtual pen tablet beta that simulates a Wacom Intuos Pro (M)

That’s all, folks

We said it before, and we’ll say it again—thank you for being a part of the Parsec community. We’re grateful that you are here, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and fun 2023.

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