Since launching Parsec for Teams, we’ve been lucky to work with some of the greatest creative companies in the world as they transition to remote work. There have been some incredible use cases: live broadcasts controlling cameras via Parsec, game designers quickly implementing and testing big changes from the comforts of home, and post-production facilities rendering incredible art on low-end laptops.

Remote media and press events have been particularly fascinating: ICYMI, Ubisoft was able to take 1,000+ journalists and VIPs from all over the world through demos of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion through Parsec. That’s more than double the typical reach of E3, and not one person got sweaty on a convention floor (…we think).

Sometimes companies need to let folks access their hardware for a short period of time. So we launched some tools so that Parsec can support remote user research, classrooms, freelancers & specialists, events, tests, and more. It’s called Guest Access, and it’s live for all Parsec for Teams users.

guest access invitation

You are invited, but only for a little while

Parsec for remote events, research, freelance, etc.

Guest Access lets Parsec for Teams admins invite, schedule, and manage access to the computers in their organization. All they need to do is log into Parsec from computer on their team, and *plunk* it’s available for guest invitations.

Invited guests can be scheduled to connect, control, work, or play from that computer for up to five days. Admins can schedule multiple people on the same computer, and can make edits to a computer’s schedule at any time.

Best part? We handle the rest: Parsec sends guests all the instructions they need to create an account and download Parsec, and remind them shortly before they’re able to connect.

It’s like there’s a party in your computers and only certain people you invited are invited.

guest access interface

Adjust computer permissions on the fly

No strangers to security

If you’re inviting folks to demo unreleased material or review in-progress footage, security matters (well, it always matters, but here it definitely matters).

Invited guests receive a unique link to connect with your hardware that can only be accessed if they log into Parsec using the email address you invited. The link cannot be transferred or used by any other person.

Approved apps and other Parsec host settings are persistent to guests, and you can decide whether they can use keyboard, mouse, or gamepad inputs. If someone is only supposed to be interacting with one very specific application, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, once they’re connected you can kick them out of computers or adjust their permissions. We wish we could do that with house guests.


Give yourself credits

Parsec for Teams usually costs $30 per month for every user on your team. Guest Access is a little different. There are no monthly fees or recurring subscriptions. Instead, Guest Access is purchased through a system called Guest Credits.

A single guest invitation costs one (1) credit. Credits can be purchased right from the Parsec for Teams admin panel, and cost $25 each.

If you are inviting a lot of people at once, you can also purchase a bundle of credits at a discount. And if you are inviting a LOT of people (say…200), get in touch with us to discuss pricing (use this form). It’ll be easier.

Credits never expire, and if a guest doesn’t use their invite it comes back to your account.

Try it out, you’ll like it

Currently, Guest Access is only available to Parsec for Teams customers. We think there’s a lot of possibility here.

Think about it: you could manage initial entries and invites for a tournament schedule ahead of time. Or you could line up playtesters for an early game. Or bring an entire specialty computer lab online, and make it available on demand. It’s a whole different way of thinking about how your computers get used.

If you think you’d like to try it out for your organization, get in touch with us through this nifty form. We’ll figure out how to get you set up.

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