Remote Work

There’s no “i” in team. Or Parsec. But there is in “Hi, welcome to Parsec for Teams!

You’ve clicked on that shiny “Start Trial” button and you have two weeks to make the most out of Parsec for Teams. Where should you begin? If the prospect of beginning a new quest leaves you feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret – we’re here to help!

It’s dangerous to work alone. Take Parsec!

You may not be on a quest to save the world, but setting up a new system can feel just as daunting. Let’s break it down into easy steps.

Side quest: industry-specific settings

Do you work in these spaces? We have tips for you!

Side quest: program-specific settings

Are you a superuser for any of these apps? We’ve got some cheat-codes to help you optimize your settings:

Hey! Listen!

If you need help ASAP, email our team of glowing, spherical support fairies at Your message will magically generate a support ticket and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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