It’s official: you can host Parsec sessions on macOS devices. The same high performance, low latency, responsive streaming tuned for gaming is available on modern iMacs, Macbooks, and Mac Pros running Catalina 10.15 or better.

If you don’t like reading, go give it a shot.

Before we get too reflective, a caveat or two: macOS hosting isn’t as feature rich as Windows (yet). Advanced features like 4:4:4 color and virtual displays aren’t available. You may run into performance issues, bugs, or general wonkiness. It’s still in an early state. That’s why we’re calling it a preview. You can see how features break down between the two platforms here.

But we’re ready for feedback. macOS has become synonymous with digital creativity. Millions of video specialists, musicians, producers, and animators, artists, and engineers call Mac their platform of choice. We think Parsec (and Parsec for Teams) can transform the way these people access their content, whether that’s work, games, or whatever else.

It also expands Parsec to a huge swatch of apps and experiences only available on Mac devices. Remotely using apps like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Logic X Pro can be pretty challenging. They require flawless playback, precise input, and accurate-as-heck images. Parsec can let folks use these big, technical projects, stored in an editing suite or at a recording studio, and work on them from anywhere. No need to be stranded from your work when inspiration strikes and you’re away from your Mac Pro.

Parsec is also collaborative to its core — something we think Mac enthusiasts will love. You can still share a link with a friend or colleague and suddenly be working through the same device. Remote tasks like paired programming, project reviews, or testing sessions are a button press away on Mac.

Finally, releasing macOS hosting gets us one step closer to one of our big missions: connect the world to any device from anywhere, at any time. We think that breaking the tethers to hardware can make you a little more free to live how you want. Parsec can now work on that mission for millions more people.

Plus, if you like gaming on your Mac, it’s pretty be great for that, too.

For anyone who has never used Parsec before because it was only available on Windows, welcome. We’re a cool remote access app. Give us a download, and give us your feedback.

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