The Future Of Couch Gaming — Online Co-Op With Parsec

Playing games with friends is better. Co-op platformers and other offline co-op brings back memories of days when we’d sit down on the couch with a bunch of buddies and face-off in the Stacks of Goldeneye. These games brought us together, but there hasn’t been a great option for 60 FPS 1080p co-op over the internet until Parsec. Playing Cuphead, a Lego game, or Overcooked alone just isn’t the same as playing together with a friend. Sometimes, it’s not feasible to sit in the same room. For instance, one user was trying to play a turn-based game with a friend in Germany (he lives in California). Although a fighter may not be possible due to the distance between the two friends, for this scenario a turn-based strategy game with Parsec co-op mode helped them reconnect across 5,600 miles.

I just tried it with a chap from Germany. I live in California…Overall we had a blast with Divinity II…It was fun because I hadn’t played anything with him in awhile.

One of the top searches for the Lego Game series is playing co-op online.

Well, the answer is now. Check out Parsec today to play any offline co-op game online.

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