Samsung PlayGalaxy Link Uses The Parsec SDK To Power Game Streaming

When Samsung wanted to give Galaxy Note 10 customers the power of PC gaming on their phone, they turned to Parsec to power the PlayGalaxy Link.

With the Parsec SDK, any game developer, device maker, or software company can integrate our ultra-low latency high frame rate streaming technology directly into their applications. With the global roll out of the PlayGalaxy Link, Parsec is giving Samsung customers the ability to provide gaming on-the-go without worrying about hardware requirements for their games.

The PlayGalaxy Link allows Samsung customers to play their favorite games on their phone, no matter where they are. The Parsec technology was integrated to give the PlayGalaxy Link the ability to connect from a customer’s Note 10 to their gaming PC from anywhere via an ultra-low latency interactive video stream. With Parsec’s game streaming technology in the palm of their hands, Note 10 customers with the PlayGalaxy Link application always have access to their favorite games making Galaxy phones the ultimate gaming on-the-go devices.

Parsec’s newly released developer tools (the Parsec SDK) add Parsec’s industry leading ultra low latency game streaming and networking technologies directly into other applications. The Parsec technology aims to deliver the best experience possible for gamers who want to play their favorite PC titles on their mobile devices. This partnership proves that Parsec has the technology to provide amazing gaming experiences from anywhere with a simple integration of our SDK. Parsec is democratizing access to game streaming software and creating the go-to technology for ultra low latency peer-to-peer video streaming. The Parsec SDK enables software to be distributed across every platform from mobile (Android and iOS) to desktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux) devices and directly through the browser.

With the Parsec enterprise SDK, developers can use the power of Parsec in their applications to deploy low latency desktop or application streaming software to their customers. The Parsec SDK can be integrated into any software including games, CAD or video editing software, virtual desktop infrastructure, robotics, or any low latency transport stream application. It’s humbling and exciting to be the chosen partner to provide the low latency streaming technology that powers the PlayGalaxy Link application. This further demonstrates that our technology can form the core of any game streaming product. Providing our ultra low latency high frame rate streaming software and our proprietary networking to other companies furthers our mission to democratize access to games.

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