We know the Career Mode glitches are making big news at launch. But one thing that FIFA players have always wanted is an online mode for Career Mode, so they can manage their club with a friend. With Parsec, you can play any local mode of the game online with your friends. Just the host needs FIFA 20 for PC, and all of your other friends can jump in through a link and start playing. We just released a feature called Arcade that makes it super easy to get a game started and invite friends. Getting FIFA 20 to work in Parsec Arcade requires a slight change to the game’s settings — you’ll have to force FIFA 20 to use DirectX 11.

Forcing DirectX 11 in FIFA 20

  1. Go to the FIFA 20 folder in your computers’ Documents folder.

  2. Open fifasetup.ini in a text editor like Notepad.


  4. Save the file and you’re good to go!

TIP: Be sure not to change any of the “Game Settings” in the FIFA 20 Launcher, as it will revert the change we just made in the fifasetup.ini file!

Sharing FIFA 20 with friends via Parsec Arcade

  1. Start FIFA 20 on your computer and play for a bit to make sure you’re familiar with the new features and game modes 🙂

  2. Download Parsec and install it

  3. Visit the Arcade tab in Parsec, you will see FIFA 20 under “Host a game” — Click it!

  4. You can edit the description, and select how many players and choose if you want to list the game publicly or privately.

  5. When you’re ready, click “Start Hosting”

  6. Grab the link and give it to your friends, in a few moments they will be able to join your game and play FIFA 20 with you!

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