Parsec lets you play the offline games you love online with friends. Recently, newLEGACYinc has led the way streaming the classic WWE Smackdown! with other YouTube stars. They have several videos planned in the future, but a recent one features a three player matchup across the country with Parsec enabling the virtual couch gaming online. John and Htial were on the East Coast while Chris was in California.

Play Offline Games Online

With Parsec, you can reconnect and play with friends who live in different parts of the country reminiscing, playing games, and jumping back into Smash or try co-op’ing a new game, like Overcooked.

Parsec’s technology is built from the ground up to lower latency. We’ve built our own networking protocol, optimized the streaming software for remote low latency gaming, and enabled multiplayer input whether you and your friend are connecting to the same gaming PC or sharing a cloud gaming machine.

This functionality removes many of the obstacles to gaming and gives you and your friends a new way to connect and share.

Ladders and tables and Smackdowns

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