Traditional volleyball? Maybe not your style. Volleyball where you play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' mid-match? Now we're talkin'. Volley Pals is a wacky take on the sport, where you play chaotic 1v1, 1v2, and 2v2 game modes. It makes for a great party game, but an even better online game (if you let Parsec play with you).

  1. Download Volley Pals

  2. Start the game on your computer

  3. Download Parsec for free and install it

  4. Head to the Computers tab, share your machine, and choose to host Volley Pals (or your whole screen)

  5. Share the big link with your friends

  6. Your friends will be asked to download Parsec too, and once they have, you’ll be ready to play together

Easy, right? Start playing Volley Pals online with Parsec.

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