We’ve all had our fair share of friendships ruined from party games, and Ultimate Chicken Horse is no different. The point of the game is to LITERALLY screw over your friends. It’s bound to make someone mad at you at some point. This game comes with tons of modes packed inside for you to pester your loved ones, just not all of them can be played online. No need to wish for all your pals to be on your couch — that’s where we come in. And honestly, it might be better to play this game NOT locally… you know… so nobody gets punched when the rage builds.

  1. Download Ultimate Chicken Horse

  2. Start the game on your computer

  3. Download Parsec for free and install it

  4. Head to the Parsec Arcade, and choose to host Ultimate Chicken Horse – you can make a public or a private game

  5. Share the big link with your friends

  6. Your friends will be asked to download Parsec too, and once they have, you’ll be ready to play together

Easy, right? Start playing Ultimate Chicken Horse online with Parsec.

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