Action, story, art, friendship, and even dungeons… what more could you want?! Sword of the Necromancer literally has everything a co-op RPG could dream of, except online multiplayer. Have no fear, your pal Parsec is here to change that! Don’t let distance stop you from hacking, slashing, and using that friendship we mentioned earlier, to defeat the guardians with a partner of your choosing.

  1. Download Sword of the Necromancer

  2. Start the game on your computer

  3. Download Parsec for free and install it

  4. Head to the Parsec Arcade, and choose to host Sword of the Necromancer – you can make a public or a private game

  5. Share the big link with your friends

  6. Your friends will be asked to download Parsec too, and once they have, you’ll be ready to play together

Easy, right? Start playing Sword of the Necromancer online with Parsec.

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