Only fools are, well, foolish enough to take on the dreaded seas. Sadly, or happily, depending on how you look at it, you’re one of them. But so are your buddies, so don’t feel too bad. Keep the peace on the ship, fight off hordes of sea creatures, and sink or swim in Ship of Fools. We go with the flow of any party (or current), so add Parsec to your crew for a lil’ party-mode.

  1. Download Ship of Fools

  2. Start the game on your computer

  3. Download Parsec for free and install it

  4. Head to the Arcade tab, or the Computers tab, and choose to host Ship of Fools

  5. Share the big link with your friends

  6. Your friends will be asked to download Parsec too, and once they have, you’ll be ready to play together

Easy, right? Start playing Ship of Fools online with Parsec.

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