Warning: Although this allows you to play Mario Maker 2 online with your friends, it requires several pieces of hardware, Windows 10, and Parsec. Once you’re all set up, you will be able to play Mario Maker 2 (and any game) online with friends who aren’t able to come over to your house.

Parsec allows for ultra-low latency connections between two gaming devices. With our technology we wanted to allow friends to PC games online when the game doesn’t support online play. We miss the days of sitting on the same couch and playing GoldenEye or trading turns to make it to the next level. With a little bit of glue, elbow grease, and patience, we were able to figure it out and get remote play and online working on for any Nintendo Switch game.

Hardware requirements

  • Nintendo Switch and included Switch Dock

  • Windows 10 PC with modern GPU capable of running Parsec

  • Elgato HD 60 Pro (or the lowest latency capture card available)

  • Titan One

  • HDMI headless dongle

  • Reliable internet connection with at least 10mbps upload (required for hosting)

  • Client device (Mac, Windows PC, Linux PC or Raspberry Pi 3) with Xbox Controller connected

Software Requirements

  • Parsec

  • Windows 8.1 or better

  • Elgato Game Capture HD

  • Titan One GTuner Software

  • MaxAim DI Plug in for GTuner

How to Setup Remote play

  1. Plug Nintendo Switch into Dock

  2. Plug Switch HDMI Cable into IN port of Elgato Capture card

  3. Plug HDMI headless dongle into OUT port of Elgato Capture Card

  4. Plug mini B USB cable into Titan One, and the standard USB end into PC

  5. Sign up and install Parsec to your PC and and ask your friends to do the same — If you’re hosting the session on your Switch, make sure you opt into installing the controller software bundled with Parsec. Once Parsec is installed, friend each other in Parsec to make it easier to connect.

  6. Your friend should connect to the person hosting the Switch using Parsec

  7. Your friend should press any button on their controller to make sure it’s registered on your computer

  8. Verify host can see Xbox controller now added to device manager

  9. Download and Install GTuner Pro for Titan One

  10. Open options in GTuner, and navigate to the Device Tab, ensure it is manually set to show up as an Xbox One controller.

  11. Install MaxAim DI Plugin

  12. Open MaxAim DI Plugin

  13. Select Direct Input Settings

  14. Select Direct Input controller

  15. Ask your friend to press buttons on controller to verify that input is received via Parsec.

  16. Map appropriate controls to your onscreen controller (you may need to select Xbox Layout in Layout Options). The Xbox button doesn’t seem to work in my setup (which would act as the Switch Home button) so I mapped a combo of Start + Select as the Xbox Guide button by right clicking on the Guide Button and selecting more.

  17. Save your layout as I find that it often forgets the settings the next time you open the application

  18. Enable Direct Input in Direct Input method if not already enabled

  19. Install Elgato Capture HD — Keep it in live mode to ensure it stays real time.

Game On

Have fun and enjoy any of your games online with Parsec!

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