Parsec for Teams

Seamless workflows for remote production and post production

Parsec for Teams is the ultimate remote desktop for production and post production teams. Access studio machines from anywhere in full-fidelity, frame perfect HD.

Trusted by production teams everywhere

Perfect remote access, no matter the task

Parsec lets remote producers, editors, artists, animators, and VFX specialists access their projects from anywhere, on any device. Crystal clear video & perfect inputs will make you forget you’re working remote.

Secure, seamless set-up

Set up computers, manage your team, and assign members to the right machines. Parsec lets you get more value out of the hardware you have (and easily deploy new infrastructure when you need it).

Storm Post Production Makes Remote Production a Reality

What makes Parsec the key to incredible production and editing from anywhere? It’s the features.

  • Multi-monitor support

    Flexible display options to recreate the environments you’re used to. Manage their settings independently, and create a perfect home office.

  • Security controls

    Encrypted, peer-to-peer connections, enforced SSO, and Team Computer management mean your projects are safe with us.

  • Drawing tablets

    Plug a tablet in, and enjoy full pressure & tilt sensitivity, like you're sitting in front of an Avid machine.

  • Instant collaboration

    Share a link and work from the same computer, letting editors and artists work together and review work live.

  • Virtual displays & privacy mode

    Any computer using Parsec can have multiple monitors, whether there’s one plugged in at the studio or not.

  • 1-click footage review

    Reviewing a project with a client or a team member is simple: invite them with a link, or schedule through Parsec’s Guest Access feature.

See Parsec for Teams for yourself

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