Parsec for Teams

Code, create, and collaborate from anywhere

Parsec’s seamless remote access is a software developer’s dream, whether you’re pair programming with someone halfway around the world, or implementing a small change for a team.

Leaders in interactive media choose Parsec

Best in-class performance with endless flexibility

Parsec’s the most performant remote desktop on the planet. With 60FPS, UHD image quality and nearly no latency, engineers can connect to their high powered workstations in full-fidelity. Customize your set-up for the perfect home office, with multiple displays, color accurate detail, and more.

Collaborating through Parsec's always a click away

Over the shoulder work from miles away

Access a colleague’s computer with the click of a link to help on a task, show off a recent change, or test an implementation. Parsec’s even faster than walking over to someone’s desk.

Flexible work is here, and people couldn't be happier

Parsec's features make it perfect for flexible engineering teams everywhere

  • Perfect color

    Parsec for Teams members get 4:4:4 color mode, improving contrast and making fine details stand out.

  • Single click collaboration

    Hit share and send a link to a co-worker, and they're suddenly working right alongside you. It's that easy.

  • Multi-monitor support

    Flexible displays let you create super powered home offices. Manage screens independently to get things just right.

  • Simultaneous connections

    Connect multiple people to the same computer at the same time to observe, review work, test implementations, and more.

  • Team computers

    Invite outside players, VIPs, or testers for scheduled sessions with your games.

  • Enterprise controls

    Use granular permissions management, a high performance relay server, and the Teams API to build Parsec into your existing infrastructure.

Interested? We'll schedule a demo to get Parsec for your engineering team.