Host configuration.

Member of ParsecHostStatus, passed to ParsecHostStart and ParsecHostSetConfig.


ParsecHostVideoConfigvideoVideo configuration, one per stream.
ParsecGamepadModegamepadModeVirtual gamepad emulation mode for connected guests. HOST_DESKTOP only.
ParsecGamepadTypegamepadTypeVirtual gamepad type for connected guests. HOST_DESKTOP only.
ParsecQualityFlagsencoderQualityFlagsThe video encoder quality.
ParsecCGLevelcgLevelThe congestion control level.
ParsecAudioCancelModeaudioCancelCancel out possible echo from hearing yourself in chat apps based on ParsecAudioCancelMode. HOST_DESKTOP only. Windows only.
uint32_tmaxGuestsTotal number of guests allowed at once. Internally capped at 64. This number should not include the local host.
uint32_tcaptureTimeoutThe time to "lock" and wait for a new video frame.
uint32_tencoderVBVMaxThe encoders Video Buffer Verifier max buffer size.
uint32_tencoderVBVInitialThe encoders Video Buffer Verifier initial buffer size.
uint32_tencoderVBVMultiThe encoders Video Buffer Verifier multiplier.
uint32_tencoderMaxQPThe maximum quantizer units.
uint32_tencoderMinBitrateThe minimum bitrate.
uint32_tencoderIDRIntervalThe I-Frame interval.
uint32_tencoderSlicesThe number of encoder slices.
uint32_taudioPollRateThe rate of polling the audio.
uint32_taudioBitrateThe audio bitrate.
uint32_tvirtualMonitorsThe number of virtual monitors.
uint32_texclusiveTimeoutThe time we lock other people out from controlling the same host.
charaudioIDASCII null-terminated audio output identifier acquired via ParsecGetAudioOutputs. NULL for default device. HOST_DESKTOP only.
charechoCanceledAppASCII null-terminated case-sensitive executable name with extension to cancel via ParsecAudioCancelMode new option. HOST_DESKTOP only. Windows only.
booladminMuteMute local audio on owner connection. HOST_DESKTOP owner only.
boolexclusiveInputBlock remote input when local host input occurs. HOST_DESKTOP only.
boolpreventSleepSet to true to prevent the system from sleeping when Parsec is in the hosting state. MacOS only.
boolrequireWhitelistA guest can only connect to certain approved applications.
boolprivacyEnable privacy mode.
boollockDesktopLock the desktop on disconnect. Only if VDD was enabled.
boolaspect16x10Create a virtual display in the 16:10 aspect ratio.
boolframeFlipFlip the frame upside down before encoding it.
boolswEncodeUse a software encoder.
boolvmFallbackSet to true to create a virtual display when capture would otherwise fail.
boolvirtualTabletSet to true if a virtual tablet is currently connected. HOST_DESKTOP only. Windows only.