Host configuration.

Member of ParsecHostStatus, passed to ParsecHostStart and ParsecHostSetConfig.


ParsecHostVideoConfigvideoVideo configuration, one per stream.
ParsecGamepadTypegamepadTypeVirtual gamepad type for connected guests. HOST_DESKTOP only.
int32_tadminMuteMute local audio on owner connection. HOST_DESKTOP owner only.
int32_texclusiveInputBlock remote input when local host input occurs. HOST_DESKTOP only.
int32_tmaxGuestsTotal number of guests allowed at once. Internally capped at 64. This number should not include the local host.
charnameUTF-8 null-terminated name string. May be zeroed to use hostname.
chardescUTF-8 null-terminated description string. HOST_GAME only.
chargameIDASCII null-terminated game unique identifier issued by Parsec. HOST_GAME only.
charsecretASCII null-terminated secret code that can be distributed to guests to allow temporary access. Minimum 8 characters.
boolpublicGameSet to true to allow the hosting session to be visible publicly in the Parsec Arcade. HOST_GAME only.