Guest properties.

Member of ParsecGuestStateChangeEvent and ParsecUserDataEvent. Returned by ParsecHostGetGuests and ParsecHostPollInput.


ParsecPermissionspermsGuest input permissions. HOST_DESKTOP only.
ParsecMetricsmetricsLatency performance metrics, only valid in state GUEST_CONNECTED.
ParsecGuestStatestateGuest connection lifecycle states.
ParsecProtocolprotocolThe protocol used by the guest's connection.
uint32_tidGuest ID passed to various host functions.
uint32_tuserIDImplementation defined.
time_tconnectTimeTime since the guest connected to the host in seconds since Epoch.
time_tkeyboardTimeTime of the last input from the keyboard in seconds since Epoch.
time_tmouseTimeTime of the last input from the mouse in seconds since Epoch.
time_tgamepadTimeTime of the last input from the gamepad in seconds since Epoch.
time_tpenTimeTime of the last input from the pen in seconds since Epoch.
charattemptIDUTF-8 null-terminated attempt ID used during connection attempt.
charnameUTF-8 null-terminated string, implementation defined.
boolownerThe guest is also the owner of the host computer. HOST_DESKTOP only.