Client video configuration.

Member of ParsecClientConfig. resolutionX and resolutionY apply only in HOST_DESKTOP if the client is the first client to connect, and that client is the owner of the computer. Setting resolutionX or resolutionY to 0 will leave the host resolution unaffected, otherwise the host will attempt to find the closest matching resolution / refresh rate.


uint32_tdecoderIndexThe first decoder index attempted during client initialization. If the supplied index fails to initialize, the SDK will try all available decoders, ultimately falling back to a software implementation if available. Set to 0 to always use a software implementation, set to 1 to attempt to use a hardware accelerated implementation.
uint32_tresolutionXSee details.
uint32_tresolutionYSee details.
booldecoderH265true to allow H.265 codec. The host must also support H.265.
booldecoder444true to allow 4:4:4 color (no chroma subsampling). The host must have support for this feature.
booldecoder10Bittrue to allow streaming 10-bit colors. The host must have support for this feature.