Client video configuration.

Member of ParsecClientConfig. resolutionX and resolutionY apply only in HOST_DESKTOP if the client is the first client to connect, and that client is the owner of the computer. Setting resolutionX or resolutionY to 0 will leave the host resolution unaffected, otherwise the host will attempt to find the closest matching resolution / refresh rate.


uint32_tdecoderIndexThe first decoder index attempted during client initialization. If the supplied index fails to initialize, the SDK will try all available decoders, ultimately falling back to a software implementation if available. Set to 0 to always use a software implementation, set to 1 to attempt to use a hardware accelerated implementation.
int32_tresolutionXSee details.
int32_tresolutionYSee details.
booldecoderCompatibilitytrue to set the decoder to compatibility mode. This should be tried if having playback issues, especially on NVIDIA devices.
booldecoderH265true to allow H.265 codec. The host must also support H.265.
booldecoder444true to allow 4:4:4 color (no chroma subsampling). The host must have support for this feature.