Status codes indicating success, warning, or error.

Returned by most Parsec SDK functions. PARSEC_OK is 0, warnings are positive, errors are negative.


PARSEC_OK0(0) No errors.
HOST_WRN_CHANGEUSER3(3) Warning when the host system is changing.
HOST_WRN_SHUTDOWN4(4) Warning message that the host got closed (System shutdown, ....).
HOST_WRN_KICKED5(5) Warning that you got kicked from the host.
HOST_WRN_KICKED_IDLE12(12) Warning that you got kicked from the host due to inactivity.
CONNECT_WRN_APPROVAL6(6) Warning that the host didn't approve you on time.
CONNECT_WRN_NO_ROOM11(11) Warning that the host has no more space for new connections.
WRN_CONTINUE10(10) Warning that is given when there is no data, but there is no need to disconnect.
PARSEC_CONNECTING20(20) Warning that a connection is currently being constructed.
PARSEC_WRN_BROWSER30(30) WebClient warning that an unsupported browser is used.
DECODE_WRN_CONTINUE1000(1000) Warning that the decoder needs more data before being able to decode.
DECODE_WRN_ACCEPTED1001(1001) Warning that the decoder got data.
DECODE_WRN_REINIT1003(1003) Warning that the decoder needs to re-initialize.
NETWORK_WRN_TIMEOUT2000(2000) Warning that there was a network timeout.
CAPTURE_WRN_REINIT3000(3000) Warning that a condition has arisen that requres the capture module to reinitialize.
AUDIO_WRN_NO_DATA6000(6000) Warning that there is no audio data available (in cases of silence for example).
ERR_DEFAULT-1(-1) Generic error occured. Check log.
PARSEC_NOT_RUNNING-3(-3) Error that the client or host hasn't been started yet.
PARSEC_ALREADY_RUNNING-4(-4) Error that hosting / client connection already has started.
PARSEC_NOT_IMPLEMENTED-5(-5) Error that the function isn't implemented on this platform.
PARSEC_ERR_PRE_RENDER-6(-6) Error in the ParsecPreRenderCallback callback.
DECODE_ERR_INIT-10(-10) Failed to initialize any decoder.
DECODE_ERR_LOAD-11(-11) Failed to load the decoders library.
DECODE_ERR_MAP-13(-13) Error to call the Nvidia map function.
DECODE_ERR_DECODE-14(-14) Failed to decode the frame.
DECODE_ERR_PARSE-16(-16) Error in the NAL packet.
DECODE_ERR_NO_SUPPORT-17(-17) Decoder couldn't access all functions/settings needed for decoding.
DECODE_ERR_PIXEL_FORMAT-18(-18) Error when the decoder can't decode the color format.
DECODE_ERR_BUFFER-19(-19) Too much data in the decode buffer.
DECODE_ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE-21(-21) The given decoder index doesn't exist.
DECODE_ERR_DEPENDENCY-22(-22) Failed to load the dependencies of the decoder.
HOOK_ERR_OPENGL_CONTEXT-1500(-1500) Failed to find an OpenGL context.
HOOK_ERR_OPENGL_PROC-1501(-1501) Failed to load all OpenGL functions
HOOK_ERR_OPENGL_WINDOW-1502(-1502) Failed to find the window size.
HOOK_ERR_D3D9_WINDOW-1503(-1503) Failed to get the Direct3D 9 handle to the window.
HOOK_ERR_D3D9_GET_BB-1504(-1504) Failed to get the Direct3D 9 back buffer.
HOOK_ERR_D3D9_GET_RT-1505(-1505) Failed to get the Direct3D 9 render target.
HOOK_ERR_D3D9_QI-1506(-1506) Failed to get the Direct3D 9 device.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_GET_DEVICE-1507(-1507) Failed to get the Direct3D 11 device from the swap chain.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_GET_BUFFER-1508(-1508) Failed to get the Direct3D 11 buffer from the swap chain.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_TEX-1509(-1509) Failed to create our own Direct3D 11 texture.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_QI_STAGING-1510(-1510) Failed to get the Resource from the Direct3D 11 staging texture.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_QI_BB-1511(-1511) Failed to get the Resource from the Direct3D 11 back buffer.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_CREATE_RTV-1512(-1512) Failed to create the Direct3D 11 render target view.
HOOK_ERR_FRAME_TIMEOUT-1513(-1513) Failed to receive a frame from any of the hooked engines.
HOOK_ERR_D3D10_DEVICE-1514(-1514) Error that it's a DirectX 10 engine.
HOOK_ERR_D3D11_FEAT_LEVEL-1515(-1515) The feature level set wasn't 11.
HOOK_ERR_ALREADY_HOOKED-1516(-1516) The process is already hooked.
HOOK_ERR_NOT_HOOKED-1517(-1517) No function was hooked, so can't unhook anything.
HOOK_ERR_D3D12_GET_DEVICE-1518(-1518) Failed to get a Direct3D 12 device from the swap chain.
HOOK_ERR_D3D12_GET_BUFFER-1519(-1519) The back buffer doesn't contain a Direct3D 12 resource.
HOOK_ERR_D3D12_CREATE_RES-1520(-1520) Failed to create all device resources.
HOOK_ERR_D3D12_CL_COM-1521(-1521) Failed to close the Direct3D 12 command buffer.
NAT_ERR_PEER_PHASE-6023(-6023) Error during the NAT peer phase.
NAT_ERR_STUN_PHASE-6024(-6024) Error during the NAT stun phase.
NAT_ERR_INTEGRITY-6025(-6025) Error in the STUN credentials.
NAT_ERR_NO_CANDIDATES-6033(-6033) Failed to receive any peer candidates.
NAT_ERR_NO_SOCKET-6112(-6112) Failed to create a UDP socket.
NAT_ERR_WEBRTC-6200(-6200) Failed to get any candidates on the web.
OPENGL_ERR_CONTEXT-7000(-7000) OpenGL context, or related value is wrong.
OPENGL_ERR_VERSION-7007(-7007) Couldn't load the correct OpenGL version.
AUDIO_ERR_CAPTURE_INIT-9000(-9000) Failed to initialize audio capture.
AUDIO_ERR_CAPTURE-9001(-9001) Failed to get the next audio packet.
AUDIO_ERR_DRIVER-9004(-9004) Failed to open a specific device.
AUDIO_OPUS_ERR_INIT-10000(-10000) Failed to initialize the Opus codec.
AUDIO_OPUS_ERR_DECODE-10001(-10001) Failed to decode the audio.
AUDIO_OPUS_ERR_ENCODE-10002(-10002) Failed to encode the audio.
NETWORK_ERR_BG_TIMEOUT-12007(-12007) Failed to get packets for an extended period.
NETWORK_ERR_BAD_PACKET-12008(-12008) Packet received was invallid.
NETWORK_ERR_BUFFER-12011(-12011) Packet didn't fit in the available buffer.
NETWORK_ERR_SHUTDOWN-12017(-12017) Connection is shut down.
SERVER_ERR_DISPLAY-13000(-13000) Failed to set the resolution on the Host.
SERVER_ERR_RESOLUTION-13008(-13008) Invalid resolution requested.
SERVER_ERR_MAX_RESOLUTION-13009(-13009) The requested resolution is above the maximum.
SERVER_ERR_NO_USER-13011(-13011) There is no guest connected.
SERVER_ERR_VIDEO_DONE-13013(-13013) Video capture is disabled.
SERVER_ERR_CLIENT_ABORT-13014(-13014) Client has closed the connection.
SERVER_ERR_CLIENT_GONE-13015(-13015) The client has timed out.
CAPTURE_ERR_INIT-14003(-14003) Failed to initialize the capture engine.
CAPTURE_ERR_TEXTURE-14004(-14004) Failed to get a texture from the capture engine.
CAPTURE_ERR_INVALID-14005(-14005) Failed to start the duplication of the capture engine.
ENCODE_ERR_INIT-15000(-15000) Failed to initialize the encoder.
ENCODE_ERR_ENCODE-15002(-15002) Failed to encode the frame.
ENCODE_ERR_BUFFER-15006(-15006) Encoded frame is larger than maximum supported.
ENCODE_ERR_PROPERTIES-15100(-15100) Failed to set some encoder properties.
ENCODE_ERR_LIBRARY-15101(-15101) Failed to load the encoder library.
ENCODE_ERR_SESSION-15007(-15007) Encoder session error.
ENCODE_ERR_SESSION1-15103(-15103) Encoder session error 1.
ENCODE_ERR_SESSION2-15104(-15104) Encoder session error 2.
ENCODE_ERR_OUTPUT_INIT-15105(-15105) Encoder couldn't create an output buffer.
ENCODE_ERR_TEXTURE-15106(-15106) Encoder couldn't accept/process the texture.
ENCODE_ERR_OUTPUT-15107(-15107) Encoder failed to write to the buffer.
ENCODE_ERR_UNSUPPORTED-15108(-15108) Encoder isn't supported.
ENCODE_ERR_HANDLE-15109(-15109) Encoder failed to set handle.
ENCODE_ERR_CAPS-15110(-15110) Failed to get the encoder capabilities.
D3D_ERR_TEXTURE-22000(-22000) Failed to get texture from the capture engine
D3D_ERR_DEVICE-22004(-22004) Failed to get the capture device properties.
D3D_ERR_MT-22005(-22005) Failed to set multithreading on the capture engine.
D3D_ERR_ADAPTER-22006(-22006) Failed to get adapter properties.
D3D_ERR_FACTORY-22007(-22007) Failed to create a DXGI Factory.
D3D_ERR_OUTPUT-22008(-22008) Failed to get a duplication output.
D3D_ERR_OUTPUT1-22010(-22010) Failed to get a duplication output 1.
D3D_ERR_OUTPUT5-22013(-22013) Failed to get a duplication output 1.
H26X_ERR_NOT_FOUND-23000(-23000) Failed to find a proper NAL packet.
AES_GCM_ERR_KEY_LEN-28000(-28000) The given aes gcm key has an invalid length.
AES_GCM_ERR_BUFFER-28004(-28004) The given data to encrypt/decrypt has the wrong length.
SCTP_ERR_GLOBAL_INIT-32000(-32000) Failed to initialize SCTP.
SCTP_ERR_WRITE-32001(-32001) Failed to write data.
SCTP_ERR_SOCKET-32002(-32002) Failed to create socket/set socket options.
SCTP_ERR_BIND-32003(-32003) Failed to bind the socket.
SCTP_ERR_CONNECT-32004(-32004) Failed to connect/conneciton went away.
STUN_ERR_PACKET-34000(-34000) STUN packet was too short.
STUN_ERR_PARSE_HEADER-34001(-34001) Failed to parse the STUN header
STUN_ERR_PARSE_ADDRESS-34002(-34002) Failed to get the IP address from the STUN packet.
RESAMPLE_ERR_INIT-37000(-37000) Failed to initialize the audio resampling engine.
RESAMPLE_ERR_RESAMPLE-37001(-37001) Failed to resample the audio.
SOCKET_ERR-800000(-800000) errno value will be subtracted from this value.