Different pen flags.

The different kind of flag states, these are flags, and can be combined.


PPEN_FLAG_LEAVE0x01Indicates the pen is still in range of the pad.
PPEN_FLAG_TOUCHING0x02Indicates the pen is in contact with the pad.
PPEN_FLAG_INVERTED0x04The pen is inverted.
PPEN_FLAG_ERASER0x08Eraser is pressed.
PPEN_FLAG_BARREL_10x10The pen's 1st barrel button is held down.
PPEN_FLAG_BARREL_20x20The pen's 2nd barrel button is held down.
PPEN_FLAG_TIP0x40One of the physical pen's tips is touching the surface.
PPEN_FLAG_DOUBLE_CLICK0x80A double-click has been fired by one of the pen's barrel buttons.