Client event type.

Member of ParsecClientEvent.


CLIENT_EVENT_CURSOR1A cursor mode change or image update is available, cursor is valid in ParsecClientEvent. Call ParsecGetBuffer in the case of an image update.
CLIENT_EVENT_RUMBLE2Gamepad rumble event, rumble is valid in ParsecClientEvent.
CLIENT_EVENT_USER_DATA3User-defined message from the host, userData is valid in ParsecClientEvent.
CLIENT_EVENT_BLOCKED4The client has been temporarily blocked from sending input and receiving host output.
CLIENT_EVENT_UNBLOCKED5The client has returned to normal operation after receiving a CLIENT_EVENT_BLOCKED.
CLIENT_EVENT_STREAM6A video stream has changed status, possibly indicating failure. stream is valid in ParsecClientEvent.
CLIENT_EVENT_CONNECTION7The client connection state changed, connectionState is valid in ParsecClientEvent.
CLIENT_EVENT_CANDIDATE8There was a NAT client connection available.