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This changelog is the comprehensive history of Parsec's product changes. Some of the features listed have been deprecated or were changed in later updates. We thought, rather than changing old posts, it would be fun for everyone to see the whole history of the product's development. For a perspective on Parsec's product and our product philosophy, we wrote a blog post in December 2017 about the early history of the Parsec Game Streaming software.

November 28, 2022150-86a


  • [Windows] A new Virtual Gamepad driver is available on the host settings page–replacing ViGEm. This will allow for more advanced controller support in the future, with the same functionality as before.
  • [Windows paid] Virtual pen tablet beta that simulates a Wacom Intuos Pro (M). Requires a Windows client with a 2017 or later Wacom tablet connected to the client, with up to date Wacom drivers on both client and host.
  • You will automatically be alerted by a “please wait” message while the client waits for the host to reconfigure itself for Parsec hosting.
  • A notification will now warn you if you’re running a 32bit version of Parsec on a 64bit Windows system.


  • [Windows] Parsec Virtual Display Adapter updated to 0.41 with various reliability and logging improvements. You can update the driver from the host settings page.
  • [Windows] The Host Settings page now informs you when the Virtual Display Adapter is broken or uninstalled.
  • [Windows] Improved audio capture for Arcade on up to date versions of Windows 10/11.


  • [Warp/Teams] Various bugs and false positives fixed in Privacy mode.
  • [Windows] The “New” Echo cancellation method better locates the app you wish to exclude from your stream.
  • [Windows] Fixed SIGBREAK, and ALT+PrtScr input.
  • [Windows] Fixed an issue where the log file would continue to grow past 1MB.
  • [macOS] Avatar images with transparency are now supported.
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where the app would fail to update due to file system caching.
  • [macOS] Fixed various bugs with multiple full screen client Parsec windows.
  • [macOS] Hotkeys (such as CMD+T, CMD C+V, Option + Pen drag) now work when connecting from a macOS client to a macOS host.
  • [macOS startup] Fixed an issue where lockfile would be written with the wrong permissions, preventing the Parsec app starting on a secondary macOS user.
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where the software video decoder was selected by default.
  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where it was not possible to double click with the pen barrel buttons.

November 28, 2022150-86b


  • [Windows] Fix bug where hosting overlay was still visible in Arcade.

November 8, 2022v2022.11.08.0


  • [Teams] Identity Provider administrators can specify the default group for a provisioned user via SAML attribute. Read more here.