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This changelog is the comprehensive history of Parsec's product changes. Some of the features listed have been deprecated or were changed in later updates. We thought, rather than changing old posts, it would be fun for everyone to see the whole history of the product's development. For a perspective on Parsec's product and our product philosophy, we wrote a blog post in December 2017 about the early history of the Parsec Game Streaming software.

November 13, 2023v2023-11-13.0


  • [Teams] Improved behavior for App Rule Hierarchy. Now, team computers will maintain their app ruleset when an assigned user puts that computer into client mode. Previously, the team computer's ruleset would be overridden by the assigned user's ruleset, leading to confusing behavior. Admins also have the ability to re-enable user overrides in the admin dashboard, if desired.

November 2, 2023150-91

Release will roll out to customers over the next 30 days


  • [All clients] Search functionality added to quickly find hosts and users from the computers page.


  • [Linux Client] Support for FFMPEG 3 and 5 for software decode.


  • [Windows host] Increased stability of Virtual Wacom Tablet.
  • [Windows host] Increased reliability of Virtual Wacom Tablet button presses.
  • [macOS client] Second stream now remembers its size and position.
  • [macOS host] Fixed video stutter when connecting to macOS hosts running Sonoma.
  • [macOS host] Fixed issues and crashes with Virtual Displays.
  • [macOS host] Fixed a crash when copying an item to the clipboard.

October 16, 2023150-90d


  • [Windows host] Your client microphone can now be passed through to the host from a Windows or macOS client provided your host has the Parsec Virtual USB driver installed. You can find it in the experimental menu.
  • [All] Added the ability to change the logging level with app_log_level, higher level of logging could impact performance.


  • [All] Fixes the inability to fill in super long passwords when logging in to or re-authenticating Parsec.
  • [All] Fixed issue where app may switch to wrong release channel at app start.
  • [Windows host] Fixed issue where VUSB/VDD driver version was listed as ??? if app was not connected to internet when starting.
  • [Windows host] Fixed issue where app may hang when attempting to activate Privacy Mode.
  • [Windows host] Fixed an issue where the controller reset button would not work in 150-90a/b/c.
  • [macOS] Fixed issue where there could be a random crash, when closing a stream/window.
  • [macOS] Fixed issue Parsec failed to start / crashed when a gamepad was plugged in.