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This changelog is the comprehensive history of Parsec's product changes. Some of the features listed have been deprecated or were changed in later updates. We thought, rather than changing old posts, it would be fun for everyone to see the whole history of the product's development. For a perspective on Parsec's product and our product philosophy, we wrote a blog post in December 2017 about the early history of the Parsec Game Streaming software.

December 14, 2022150-86h


  • [Windows] Fixed a bug introduced in 150-86 where the resolution selection wouldn't apply to connections using Virtual Displays or Privacy Mode.
  • [macOS] Fixed a JSON parsing issue introduced in 150-86.

December 12, 2022150-86g


  • [Windows] Fixed a bug with the Wintab API where clicking the Parsec overlay rapidly when you have multiple Parsec screens open could crash the app.

December 9, 2022150-86f


  • [Windows] Fixed bug where using the Parsec shortcut wouldn't open the Parsec app window if the app was already running in the backgound.