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This changelog is the comprehensive history of Parsec's product changes. Some of the features listed have been deprecated or were changed in later updates. We thought, rather than changing old posts, it would be fun for everyone to see the whole history of the product's development. For a perspective on Parsec's product and our product philosophy, we wrote a blog post in December 2017 about the early history of the Parsec Game Streaming software.

April 5, 2023v2023.04.05.0


  • [Teams] A Parsec for teams super administrator can now resend a confirmation email to an unconfirmed team member inviting them to confirm their email address.

March 6, 2023150-87c


  • [Windows] Fix DirectX 11 VSYNC bug introduced in 150-87b.

February 28, 2023150-87b


  • [Windows] Windows versions older than Windows 10 are unsupported and will no longer load.
  • A notice letting users know Parsec Arcade will be removed after April 15, 2023.
  • [macOS] macOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 are now unsupported and may fail to connect or open.
  • [macOS] We will now prompt you to download the ARM build of Parsec if you are using the Intel build on Apple Silicon Macs.


  • [Windows paid] Parsec Virtual Tablet now supports up to 3 screens.
  • [Windows] Switch the WebSocket system to WinHTTP for more consistent performance and IP detection.


  • Attempting to copy and paste a large amount of text will no longer cause the stream to disconnect with an error, instead, the text will be not copied.
  • [macOS] Fix crash introduced in 150-87 where the client would crash when closing multiple full screen client Windows.
  • [Ubuntu] Fixed the issue where the Parsec client on Ubuntu prevents non-text clipboard use for other applications.