The new good ol’ days.

We grew up in front of tiny CRT TVs, 640×480 computer monitors, and LCD screens with no backlight — and loved every minute of it. Eventually you come to realize it isn't the games themselves, but the people you're with that make these memories so magical. The world loses far too many of these awesome memories because of problems of time and distance — let's fix that, shall we?

Parsec is dedicated to those who want to keep laughing — to those who don't really mean it when they say “this is my last game” — to those who want to make new friends who love what they love — and especially, to the indie game devs who fight so hard to keep their dreams alive.

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What people are saying…

*Parsec pats self on back*

  • I’m unable to play online normally at @Shirarawr_ place cause she a WiFi warrior. But using @ParsecTeam and I was able to play @FGCFlash in SFV and it was playable!!! THE FUTURE?!?!

    Justin Wong@JWonggg
  • Hey! Actually, we are a little team (4 people) which is handling all development. Designing and coding online feature is a huge work which needs a good knowledge on this purpose. Adding online = Needs more people = Needs more budget :) . But @ParsecTeam found a solution: Parsec!

    Frédéric Coispeau@deurfosaur
  • Seriously impressed by @ParsecTeam 's low-lag game streaming platform. Used it recently to play Divinity: Original Sin 2 with @Lord_Chancellor and stream my gaming to @bendodson for It was easy to use, rock solid and has insanely low lag. Awesome!

    John Wordsworth@JohnWordsworth
  • Slick solution for co-op Gungeoneering online from @ParsecTeam!

    Enter the Gungeon@DodgeRollGames
  • Give Parsec a try:

    Devolver Digital@devolverdigital
  • Tested parsec with @TheSupernoon (EC to WC) and it felt like we were playin offline on DBFZ lmfaooo

    FOX | SonicFox@SonicFox5000

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