Game Developer SDK

Add online multiplayer to your game and get noticed. No netcode, ultra low-latency multiplayer. Share and play instantly on any device.

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Simple Integration

Minimal. Intuitive. Straightforward.

With a Unity plugin, code samples, and an active community, you'll be able to get the Parsec SDK in your game quickly. The SDK is a single library under 5MB.

No Backend

Ship your game faster without worrying about netcode or infrastructure.

Writing netcode is a pain and maintaining a backend can be expensive. The Parsec SDK operates entirely peer-to-peer and hides all of that silly complexity.

Ludicrous Speed

Zero–copy GPU accelerated video processing, custom network protocol.

The Parsec app has been the leader in low–latency, peer–to–peer game streaming since 2016 — now your game can leverage the same code used by millions.

Get Social

We're building the world's largest arcade.

Allow link sharing in seconds from within your game, or wheel your game into the Parsec Arcade for public matchmaking. Friends can be playing together instantly — even from a web browser.

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Cross Platform

Reach more gamers by supporting more platforms.

Host from Windows or macOS and stream everywhere, incuding Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome — even a humble Raspberry Pi!

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