License Parsec for Your Application

An SDK for ultra-low latency, high frame rate video streaming technology built directly into your product.

Manage user accounts and customize the client experience while taking advantage of Parsec’s technology.

Cross Platform

Build once. Get smooth 60FPS 4K everywhere.

Now you can create new experiences with your software on any platform. Support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and your web browser via our ultra–low latency cross–platform streaming technology.

Unlimited Power

Low latency streaming. Multiple use cases.

The world’s biggest companies use Parsec to power their cloud gaming businesses, virtual desktop infrastructure, app streaming, MPEG Transport Stream broadcasts, and on–prem simulation software.

Proven Track Record

Built for gaming, and great for any application.

Building the best low latency game streaming technology requires years of development, but with millions of users and licensing partnerships with Samsung, HP, and many others, you can count on Parsec to deliver the best–in–class experience.